New Places

What’s up,  party people. Just thought I’d give an update as to why I haven’t been posting lately. Right now I’m at Ft. Meade going through school, I’ve had the honor of training with some good people at Crossfit Ft. Meade, Primal Fitness, and Crossfit Diesel.  I help out with a CF level one cert and got to meet Jon Gilson who is probably one of the best instuctors out there. If you want to learn how to keep the attention of the people you’re training in your gym, check out his stuff.

Got to meet Josh Everett at the CF Oly cert I attended last weekend. Now, I didn’t really say this to his face but, Josh is my hero!  I’ve been watching his stuff on the CF main page for a while now and the dude is a perfect mixture of badass, confidence, with just a hint of cockiness and  humility. The guy is one of the most humble I’ve ever met  and he loves helping you with your figure out whats wrong with your snatch. I got a 20 pound personal record in the snatch that day. I got video of josh doing a clean and jerk of 315 pounds . Josh is about 180 5’10”. I met Mark Toorok, owner of primall fitness and got to hang oout with him at the (B)East coast parkour jams. Parkour is a new beast. It’s a welcomed beast. Casey Raiford at CF Ft. Meade is  probably one of the coolest crossfitters I’ve ever met. You can see him on the crossfit forums all the time or go to . He has a really cool post about chalk monkeys right now. Go check it out.

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