Hard work. That’s it.

Look, I know everone wants to go into the air conditioned gym and sit down in the fancy machines and get your fitness on. I know that not everyone is cut out to pile on the plates and lift with all your might for reps of 5’s to singles. I know that outside is a scary place for people now. You can’t plug a playstation into a tree and you can’t be away from facebook for more than a half-hour because you want to chat with your peeps. I know that you want to believe that the shakeweight is the next greatest thing in gym equipment and that al it takes is 4 minutes a day ans that some powder and pills sold at gmc are going to cure all your problems. Guess what, they’re not.

Don’t kid yourself. A gym membership to a sea of machines doesn’t work. It works for those that run the gym and for those that sell the machines to the gym owners. It puts the money right where they want it to go, in there pockets. All that quickfix stuff on tv and at the store appeals to that easy side of all human beings, they know that’s why you will buy it. Are human beings really suppose to have it this easy?

Lets go back 10,000 years ago. Back when our ancestors had to chase there meals down, or forage and climb trees for it. Back when they had to haul water from it’s source and build there own houses. Think about it for a minute. 2 million years of evolution, 2 million years of survival, of being the top dog through hard work. Why is it now that people think that it’s so easy to maintain themselves physically and mentally when it took our ancestors a ton of hard work to be great warriors and athletes? Think about what it would take to hunt, kill and process a mammoth with crude, handmade tools. It took some damn hard work.

Understand that at the same time doing all that hard work is also the genetic pull towards laziness and an easy life. Deep down inside we all know that hard work is the path. The ease of the future is what drives us away from hard work.

So we tend to think the experts on TV have our best interest and we tend to believe them and there fancy commercials when they know that you can’t resist that temptation to be lazy. They don’t care about you. They take advantage of the system to get all the money they can out of you because they know that when someone comes along and preaches hard work, you’ll laugh at them and pop a pill in your face or drive to the gym to get on your recline bike and petal it while you watch your favorite episode of Top Model or read a book.

Don’t believe the hype. Pick up a barbell. Pick up a sandbag. Do some sprints. Throw something heavy. Jump. Climb. Do what you know your body was meant to do. Do it for years and guess what, you’ll get strong and fit and you won’t get winded walking from your house to your car in the driveway. Eat the food your ancestors ate. That’s all they had and that’s all we were meant to eat.

Eat alot. Train hard. Get strong and quit complaining that you try everything and nothing works. Get your lazy ass off the couch, clean the cookie crumbs off your shirt and do somethng hard for a change.

Get over the edge.


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