Redeployment Training or Deployment Training part 2

Thought I’d give an update on my training and weight loss. I have a PT test here soon and I am currently weighing in at 180. Since I packed on the pounds downrange without weighing myself every once in a while to see where I was at, I needed to quickly loose some body fat before I had a weight in. I was training like a powerlifter and eating like one(a superheavyweight) I decided to change my training and focus more on metabolic conditioning. I still did several weight sessions a week but decided to through in a small metcon after and have days specifically for metcons that were at least 20 min long. I cut out the milk and went strictly paleo diet.I was taking a little fish oil and was taking several teaspoons of coconut oil a day. By the time I had my weigh in I was 198LBS(down from 212) and was able to pass the taping just barely. Normally if I’m a little passed 184, I will bust tape. Must have put a little muscle on from Starting Strength and the powerlifting.  That’s a good thing. Shortly thereafter, I redeployed back to Bamberg, Germany, went to a 16 block zone quantity with paleo foods. Fruits were really easy so I used them alot, mostly apples and oranges. I started acumilating equipment from different places. I’m not a big fan of going to the post gym, way to many distractions. I still have some strict weight lifting days and at least 2 metcons a week that are more cardio based between 5- 15 minutes but are hard as hell( go at them full speed). I really focus on recovery and mobility now. I switched back to and unweighed, unmeasured paleo diet since I wasn’t really moving after a month at 185lbs. Now I’m down to 180. I want to get better at the bodyweight stuff(handstand pushups, one leg squats, handstands). I’m still using coconut oil and more fish oil(carlson’s 4 tsp a day), and now I’m getting my feet wet in the triggerpoint/self-myfascial release stuff( absolutely love it) and mobility. I’ll keep you updated with how that’s going and I’l probably post about it soon. If you want to see what my crew or I’m doing, Go to Razor’s Edge Athletic Club on facebook and become a fan.


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