Quit Beating Yourself Up! Part 2

We beat ourselves up with the shoes we wear:  Seriously, we pop out of the womb with no shoes on but, for some strange reason, we believe that we are supposed to find the shoes with the biggest, baddest heel padding so we can protect our tootsie wootsies from the mean, nasty, evil world! Come on!

Your foot is an intricate machine full of tiny bones and tons of nerve endings. You were meant to develop a lifetime frendship with our planet through your bare feet. You were meant to build strong healthy feet through walking and running, develop a greater sense of oneness with the environment around you, to feel every rock, pine needle, thorn and vibration underneath. Moccasins and sandals still allow this, I really don’t think nike shox do. We just keep buying the next better cushioned shoe and the technology just keeps getting better and better. The injury rate, however, stays the same.

How do we fix this: Your feet are weak. Take off your shoes and walk around as much as you can. Buy shoes that don’t have any cushion and wear those instead of your clunkers. Look around. There are many companies that sell low profile shoes. Vibram five fingers are pretty low, so are Chucks , selected Innov8, Adidas, Asics and Pumas. Need low profile shoes for work? try Vivo Barefoot. They aren’t cheap but they are pretty low profile. Just a layer of kevlar protects you from the ground.

When you start building more of a tolerance for barefoot walking, try a little barefoot running. Don’t run a 5k barefoot on your first try, just run down the street. You might notice that heel striking really hurts, that means it’s time to get up on the balls of your feet. You were made to run on the balls of your feet. Your foot arch is a natural spring designed to lessen the impact you take from running.  All a clunky running shoe does is delay the issues you’ll have eventually from running on your heels. STOP THAT!!! Run the way you were designed to.

Now that you have started running the way you were meant to, you may feel some soreness in areas you didn’t know you had. It’s ok, just slow into the running . go outside and run 2-3 minutes down the block and that’s it. After a few weeks, start picking it up a little. Little by little you will be able to run the same distance you could without shoes, It will take a while, just have patients. I ran a 5k after 3 months of switching to Poserunning, which is a barefoot style. At this time you will be pain free in alot of your problem areas. Just give it a try and you will see. Your body will than you.

Get Sharp,

Cut it up,



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