Quit beating yourself up! Part 1

I think it’s funny that with all the resources we have in our modern times that we have so many issues. What I mean is that all over the world(especially in the US) people are fat, have pains all over the place and are usually in a wheel chair for the later half of there life and they think that this is just the way life is. I also think it’s funny when someone comes along with a common sense idea that is backed up with research and alot of use in the field, we tend to blow it off as stupid and continue on the slow, downward spiral, path with the rest of the sheep. I decided to name a few thing that we commonly do to beat ourselves up and ways you can change it. Here’s part 1.

1.) We beat ourselves up with what we eat: You would think people would understand the consequences of putting crap into there bodies but, when someone comes along and says 12 lbs of Funions covered in nacho cheese is bad for you, they get looked at crazy,  they get shut down and ridiculed for being some kind of health nut. Ancel Keys was wrong , people, the food piramid is wrong and daily trips to the Burger King followed by daily Klondike Bar eating contests with yourself is really, REALLY wrong.

      How do we fix it: We need to treat our bodies the way we would treat a brand new BMW with all the extras. You wouldn’t get a brand new BMW and then start pouring dirt in the gas tank and shove cow turds  in the transmission would you? Of course not, so why would you do the same thing to yourself? Your body isn’t built to take anything you feed it. If you eat like crap, you feel like crap, you live like crap and train like crap. You need quality food. How quality, you ask? I hate to keep referencing crossfit, but they seem to always be on track. Coach Glassman sums up quality food as eating meat, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. That is super quality and that is the way we are suppose to fuel our bodies. It’s the paleo diet, and no you don’t need bread. Get rid of it, your body will thank you.

During your withdrawal period, that fun transition time between shoveling truck loads of fried twinkies down your gullet and putting some real food in your body, give yourself some quality fish oil. Take a high dose for a while until you stop sweating and begging for a hit off the hostess pipe and adjust acording to your lifestyle. Never take fish oil out of your diet, it works wonders. I currently take about 6 grams of EPAs from carlsons fish oil daily, I would recommend taking about 15 -30 daily depending on how far you have let yourself go. You might want to take 6-15 if you are or plan to become and elite athlete. Quality fish oil can be expensive but it is well worth it. It will battle the nasty inflammation in your body and keep you from becoming enflamed once your wellness meter is on the right track. I bumped my head on a concrete pad a couple days ago and I was waiting for my head to swell and for a nasty headache to emerge. Absolutly nothing happened. No bump, no headache and no bruising. Another example is that I normally have horrible reactions to the site that I receive a vaccine. I normally get a bump, a bruise and pain throughout my whole arm. I got a flu shot the other day and nothing happened. I can barely tell that I got a shot let alone the crap that used to happen.

                   In summary, you are not suppose to go through life constantly battling high levels of inflammation. Changing the quality of food you put in your body can completely change these levels and maybe, just maybe, you might feel like doing something else besides flopping on the couch and absorbing large quantities of TV. You’ll never now until you try it. You never know, you might just like it.


Cut it up!




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