I never let myself start playing World of Warcraft. I know that If I ever started playing it, my family would never see me again. I use to play MUDS back in the day. MUDS were like WOW but it was all text and you used your imagination instead of graphics. I was pretty crazy about that so I could imagine how I would get with WOW. What I’m getting at is this: Don’t let your kids sit around and play video games, or zone out on the computer. Get them outside and get them active in something. Find activities for them to do, get them into after school activities, let them see that there is a great world out there besides the electronics in the house. If you’re an adult and are caught in this crazy cycle of plugging in everyday, all day and never unplugging, FORCE YOURSELF to get outside and trying other things. Find a cool activity like any type of exercising, kickboxing or MMA, find an adult gymnastics class or mess around with a little Parkour, how about rock climbing and bouldering, how about playing with your kid at the park, join a club. Do something!! You were never meant to sit in front of a computer your whole life. It’s a great tool and it’s a great way to find information. Find that information and then go outside!! You don’t want to be like this kid.


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