Do you know Squat?

If you are capable of squatting and you don’t, you suck!! Yeah, I said it. Every capable human being on the face of this planet needs to squat. You don’t think so? Try it. Get off the couch, put down the fluff jar and the ring dings down next to the remote and squat all the way down. What’s wrong? Having a hard time? Are you stiff? Are you having a hard time keeping balance?Why are you on your toes? Does it hurt? You’re sweating. Now  take a hipwidth stance, keep your bodies weight over your heels, puff your chest up, squeeze your shoulder blades together,  look at the horizon and squat down like you are sitting on one of those little kids chairs you see in the kids areas of the library. Now, put an elbow on the inside of each knee and push them apart by pushing your hands together until your hands are competely between your knees. Let your feet and knees angle out and possibly move your feet apart slightly. Still hard? stand up without moving your feet for a second and squat down again. Feel better?  Good, now practice.

If you are sedentary, a couch potato, have a desk job, are a gamer(take your ass outside and play) , or stand for long periods of time, it might feel down right painful to do a movement that is the most natural for all human beings to do besides walking. Whatever, you say? That’s stupid, you say? I can end your doubt with one question. How do you take a dump without a toilet? If you had to go really really bad right now and all you had was a bush and a tree to close by how would you do it? You would squat.


Could you use this thing without trouble? Don't fall!!

Squatting is great for building strength, flexibility, bone density, connective tissue, coordination and balance. It will keep you mobile until you die. You will never need someone to pick up your groceries, help you walk or help you off the toilet and wipe if you squat into old age. You won’t have to condemn yourself to watching court shows all day and hobbling to your bed everyday until you wait to kick the bucket. You will be mobile. You can get out and be active until you hit the ground and croak!


Age don't scare me!!!

Squatting kids will grow up to be athletic and strong. They won’t have to go to school and be ridiculed for there gut and they will pick up sports easier than if they sat on the couch playing legend of zelda unil they figure out for themselves that Oreos by the pack might not be good for them. It’s your fault too, get them outside, get them squatting and quit sneaking them big macs!


All heels!! My kids will rock. Your's will rock the PS3!

Want to get big and strong? Are you having trouble gaining weight doing benchpresses and barbell curls? The barbell squat should be the base of your training program. The heavy barbell squat causes a chain reaction throughout your whole body, telling it to grow. Want those big guns? You had better squat. I know a guy that couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t gaining weight even though he was eating a ton, come to find out he didn’t want big legs because it turns the ladies off. What a joke!!! He did plenty of cardio too!! Bottom line, your best bet at growing is to squat 2-3 times a week as a novice and progress in weights or reps every time you squat. For further novice strength training, check out Starting Strength and Coach Rippetoe.

What about the ladies? Is squatting for women? I keep seeing this on the internet…….039_Squat

Looks to me like squats are for girls too.

Whatever your goals are, to stay healthy, keep or build flexability, get big and strong as hell, prevent loss of bone density or the ability to pick up your groceries if you drop them, The squat is for you. Learn it right now! Check out the links below.





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