Deployment training

You may want to know how I’ve been train The past year or so. I’ve been deployed the past 15 months and decided to do some experimenting on myself. I did a starting strength cycle when I reached my post in Iraq. I made huge strength gains in a short amount of time. I finally started slowing down and switched to the advanced novice program that Coach Rippetoe outlines in Practical Programming. Around this time, I started researching powerlifting programming. During this time I decided to do  a series of crossfit named WOD’s. I always had a hard time doing some of the barbell WOD’s which let to this quest for serious strength. I never could complete Grace (30 clean and jerks for time), My overhead was just so week. I always had a fasination with with Grace and I new that after building this solid strength base that I would crush her. The first Grace I ever finished was in 9 min flat. I was besides myself with a drunken happiness that only Crossfitter can know. I new I was going to destroy Fran(21-15-9 couplet if 95lbs thrusters and pullups)day after tomarrow. I made my way through the gauntlet of thrusters and pullups. Only 3 more pullups left, 2….1….finished! I checked my watch. What the!!!!!I couldn’t believe it. I had doubled my prior Fran time of just over 12 minutes!!! 23 minutes!!!!! That’s ok. I’ll see how I do at Cindy(as many rounds as possible of 5pullups, 10 pushups, 15squats in 20 min) day after tomarrow. I started my clock and smashed out the first 3 rounds. I felt really good really confident. I could feel  the heaviness of the weight that I gained during my search for barbell strength but I was ok. My breathing was going crazy, but I sure wasn’t going to stop!! You know, I’m Hardcore, Son!!!!! You know, Chucks and shaved heads!!! Metalcore blasting in my ears, bursting through my veins!!!! Yeah!!!!!………..beep beep, beep beep. What the hell is that!!!! Already!  But I only got 12 rounds! WTF!!! Discusted with myself,  recalling the 17 rounds that flowed out of me during my personal Cindy record before deployment, I decided to take a step on the most EVIL OF ALL OF MANKINDS TORTURE DEVICES…..the weightscale. I stepped on the scale and my mouth dropped open….no way. No way. I had gone from a pretty lean 190lbs at time of deployment to 212lbs!!!!!! Holy schnikes!!!! I looked at my gut….yes I did have a gut, but I didn’t think it was that bad. I was a little scared since I new I would have to do a weigh in before the deployment was over and I normally bust tape about 2 or 3 pounds over my allowed weight of 184. I normally stay close so I could cut weight  and make it. Damn, What am I going to do……..

Stay tuned for my next exerpt.

Cut it up!!!!


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