The #1 Novice Strength Training Program? Starting Strength.

what is the answer to every new lifter’s question,”How do I get big and strong”? The answer is in Mark Rippetoe and Lonnie Kilgore’s book Starting strength.  This program is designed to make a novice lifter bigger and stronger in the shortest time possible. How do you do that? By squatting, that’s how. This book covers 5 basic compound lifts with the squat as the head boss. Why do I say this? You will be squatting every time you enter the gym. This is a down to earth, no BS , barbell based program. You will train 3 times a week , 3 sets of 5 reps with most exercises. Too easy you say? Do you have the mettle to squat 3 sets of 5, 3 times a week and leave everything you have on the gym floor? If you are, you will add 5-10lbs on the squat, 10-20 on the deadlift and 5lbs on your pressing movements every time you attempt that particular movement! Scrawny guys can add boatloads of muscle with GOMAD, the suggested gallon of milk a day to take in enough calories to pack on the pounds. This detailed book ,which is quickly becoming the beginners bible to barbell training ,will teach you all the fundamental lifts you need to go from a novice trainee to a intermediate powerhouse within 3 months to a year. For more information, check out the Starting strength Wiki page and then take that first step to atlas status. Order the book, train and eat like a beast. You will get strong!!!

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